Dental Radiography

Dental Radiography

Our Hammond location, Animal Care Center, is pleased to offer state-of-the-art dental examinations through the use of Dental Digital Radiography equipment. Radiography, or x-ray, is an essential part of an animal having a thorough dental exam. Up to 60% of periodontal disease lies below the gumline, meaning that x-rays enable us to identify this disease more accurately than a physical examination alone.


Why do pets need dental x-rays?

  • Shows enamel defects, fractures beneath the gum line and bone loss
  • Helpful in evaluating an area where there are missing teeth
  • Useful for medical and legal documentation
  • Supports treatment decisions
  • Verify complete removal of tooth and material after an extraction
  • Follow endodontic disease progression
  • Pre-purchase exams


Having a digital system over a traditional system means that there are no films to be processed, fewer re-takes are necessary and results are almost immediate.

One of our staff preparing for a dental x-ray on "Ramsey"

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